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When Ken Dawson, Bill White and Robert Vale left a large corporation in 1994, they decided their next endeavor should be a hiring solution that could change the world.

After several long discussions, they determined protecting people through background screening technology would make a significant impact if they created a company culture that put its people, and the applicants, first.

1995: Founding of Compass

Vale, Dawson and White founded Compass, presently ClearStar, a web-based data provider geared towards addressing the emerging information needs of the security industry.

After constructing and implementing the largest security information community presence on the Internet, the Security Information Management Online Network (SIMON), they turned the company’s focus to the background screening industry.

2001: Launch of ClearStar.net

The background screening software—ClearStar.net—was so widely accepted by the industry that the company changed its name from Compass Inc., to ClearStar.net (“ClearStar”).

2007: Founding of ClearStar Logistics

Capitalizing on the intellectual capital gained working with CRAs to operate their screening business, a complete suite of fulfillment services was bundled with ClearStar; therefore ClearStar Logistics was developed.

2012: Launch of ClearStar Background Check

After 16 years of industry experience, ClearStar offered consumers a packaged program, in which employers could conduct their own background check services with a robust back-end technology and rich supplier relationships.