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Streamline processes and see the big picture

ClearStar’s numerous integrations allow you to pull relevant data into a single, intuitive platform, leading to greater levels of consistency, efficiency and quality.

Alignment made easy,
in a way that makes sense to you

Integrations allow you to spot trends and make decisions based on bigger picture objectives. Our strong emphasis on product integration allows you to harness our powerful technology in highly customizable ways that align with your business goals. ClearStar integrates with more than sixteen tools, including industry leaders Taleo and HRSmart.

Databases in harmony

We’ve designed our services to work with the tools you’re already using to eliminate redundancy and streamline information based on your preferences and business needs. Through these integrations, we can continuously create frictionless experiences that make background screening a seamless part of your established hiring process.

Products that solve real problems

Using data gleaned from countless hours of user testing and evaluation, ClearStar develops effective and distinctive solutions to combat the complex problems we face in the background screening industry. In developing these tools, we’ve also designed unique integration functions that allow you to retrieve essential information in one place.

Our Tools

  • Aurora: A web-based platform for easy background check and drug test ordering and results review.
  • ScreenMeNow: A convenient portal for direct applicant data entry.
  • WebCCF: A mobile drug and alcohol testing electronic custody and control form.

Ways to Integrate

  • Data Transfer: Our Gateway Web Services allow users to pass data to and pull data from Aurora.
  • Hybrid: Our hybrid integration makes it easy to use a combination of our Gateway Web Services and ScreenMeNow/Aurora.
  • UI Integration: Our helpful UI integration makes it simple to embed our widget on your software.

Third-Party Integrations:

Integrations with third-party platforms allow flexibility to sync your data and import essential information. Please contact us to find out if we integrate with your company’s software.

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