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Choosing Your Provider Wisely

The success of your hiring process depends on the critical decisions associated with determining who is the ideal candidate to join your organization. You must be able to fully trust the data provided by your background screening partner, otherwise how confident can you be when making hiring decisions?

When conducting due diligence on potential background screening providers, consider whether you feel comfortable with the following questions:

  • Do they treat the applicant as a customer in the screening process and can they tell me why it is important for them and me to understand that?
  • If my applicant disputes findings, does the way they interact with my applicant serve my company’s reputation well?
  • Do they have an industry leading reputation regarding security of my applicant and my corporate data?
  • Can they help me stay in FCRA compliance and show me how through their processes, systems and selection of data providers they do that?
  • Are they known for providing great service value competitively vs. being the lowest price available at the sacrifice of quality and my reputation?

At ClearStar, we’re proud to be able to answer to every one of these questions in the affirmative.

Respecting Your Applicant

In the background screening industry, we feel that we are the one provider uniquely looking out for the applicant. They can only hope the employer sponsoring their background check cares about their reputation as much as they do. When choosing which background screening company to use, employers should consider the question, “who would an applicant choose?”

ClearStar holds the premise that the applicant is the most important element in the screening process.

Serving Yourself Well

The development and implementation of background screening philosophies and practices is a great responsibility. They include the functional value of background screening (speed, quality and investment), the productivity of your staff (flexibility, reporting, notification, service), the risk profile of your company (compliance, safety, legal disputes) and stewardship of your company brand (to the market, to existing and prospective employees and to your clients).

ClearStar understands this responsibility and prepares services, technologies and processes to incorporate the capabilities that fulfill all your screening needs. You will see how much we care in the following ways:

  • We care about the applicant
  • Our reputation matches our intended values – clients characterize us as security-minded, innovative, accessible, transparent, communicative, honest, responsive, learners and innovators
  • End users enjoy flexibility in reporting and notifications
  • We support sustainable and scalable technology
  • Our Security practices, certifications and accreditations regarding privacy and security frequently lead the market