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The background and drug screening experts at ClearStar provide secure access to comprehensive, properly formatted data, to help you make confident and informed decisions about those you are adding to your organization.

• Service Descriptions
• Service Excellence
• Privacy & Security
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Service Descriptions

Our comprehensive set of services and data are available to help you get an informed picture of your applicant.
• Criminal Record Searches and Related Checks
• Alias and Address History Checks
• Governmental Watch List and Sanction List Checks
• Verification Services
• Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Checks
• Credit Bureau Data Services
• Civil Court Record Services
• Drug Test Services
• Post-Hire and Post-Offer Verification Services

Service Excellence

ClearStar supports the value its services bring to your organization with great customer service and dependable relationships. Striving to be essential to your business, our background and drug screening capabilities ensure your day-to-day initiatives and near-term goals are achieved so your organization can reach its long-term goals.

Our commitment goes deep into the fabric of our organization. Our Service Code of Conduct was designed with applicants and clients in mind. We use it to fortify how each ClearStar team member is expected to act individually and collaboratively. Ask a team member to share it with you!

ClearStar makes it easy for your applicants to file a dispute if their background screen presents information they choose to question. We understand that we’re an extension of your company’s brand reputation when we support applicant disputes, so rest assured we do that with compassion, integrity and professionalism.

Privacy & Security

The security of your applicant’s data is our top priority, and that commitment to applicant privacy and security has led to ClearStar being one of the most trusted providers in the background and drug screening industry. We adhere to standards defined by the most stringent regulators such as credit bureaus and the payment card industry (PCI) for information security.

Due to the extreme sensitivity of applicant information, we have multiple levels of security in place and use the latest tools and practices to ensure your data is protected. Our network infrastructure is approved by Experian, Trans Union and Equifax for delivery of credit information.

Not all technology providers are willing or able to make the same level of commitment to security as ClearStar. Before you select a screening provider, be sure to understand their:
• Security Audits & Certifications
• Physical Security
• Network Security
• Data Security
• Multi-Factor Authentication
• Safe Harbor Certification


ClearStar’s systems are built on a proven technology platform with unparalleled levels of integration with Applicant Tracking Systems of almost any kind, including:
• ADP Recruiting Management
• HRSmart
• SilkRoad – OpenHire
• Taleo Business Edition
• Taleo Enterprise