3 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Background Checks Vendor


3 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Background Checks Vendor

When companies trust a background screening company with their hiring needs, there are many factors to consider. Here are three critical issues to keep in mind when selecting a vendor.

Turnaround Time

Of course you expect comprehensive, quality reports, but timing is also of the essence. Your company is hiring to fill a need, and the sooner your candidate successfully makes it through the application process, the sooner they can begin contributing to your organization. ClearStar strikes the perfect balance between high quality and quick turnaround time. Who has time to wait?


The heart of any background screening vendor’s capabilities is the technology upon which their services are built. At ClearStar, our certified technology platform and innovative tools offer unparalleled reporting, a distinct advantage in the background screening industry.

Customer Service

When you’ve got questions about your candidates or the screening process, you need answers. Quickly. We pride ourselves in proactively communicating with clients throughout the hiring process, and this superior support and the resulting relationships has been the driving factor in our 20+ years in the background screening industry.

At ClearStar, our mission is to provide employers of all sizes with intuitive systems, cutting-edge tools, and comprehensive reports that employers across the globe can use to affirm their decision to confidently welcome individuals to their team.

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