3 Reasons Why Staffing Agencies Can’t Skimp on Background Checks


3 Reasons Why Staffing Agencies Can’t Skimp on Background Checks

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we do business—that includes the hiring process. With thousands of people looking for work, resumes are sure to stack up. One of the first places resumes are likely to land is in the hands of staffing agencies. In turn, employers and companies trust staffing agencies to provide them with the employees or contractors that meet their hiring criteria.


But how do you know whether or not the candidates you’re presenting are the right fit for your clients?

How can you reassure clients that working with a staffing agency is the right way to go?


In a virtual environment, what does it take to build trust in the workplace? Enter: background checks.


Here are three reasons why background checks are vital to the hiring process:


Staffing agencies’ reputations are at stake.

A client’s choice to use the experience and expertise of a staffing agency isn’t one that we take lightly. We understand that our reputation hinges on our ability to deliver candidates that meet your clients’ hiring criteria, mitigating the risk of potential issues popping up down the road and protecting your agency’s reputation in turn.


Background checks help supply candidates that meet your clients’ standards.

With piles of resumes to sort through, background checks are an essential part of the screening process. More Americans are looking for work and submitting their applications left and right. Wouldn’t you want peace of mind knowing that you’ll be provided with employees that meet your standards of excellence?


They help you build a stronger staff.

Turnover costs time and money and can often hurt a company’s culture. Having staff that has been vetted using background checks helps prevent high turnover rates and reduces employee churn due to new hires being the wrong fit for a company or having unchecked issues from their past affect the workplace.


Background checks are a staple of the hiring process, especially for staffing agencies, and their value can’t be overstated in saturated job markets like the one’s today. In a sea of candidates vying for the same jobs, background checks help the top contenders to shine through.


When hiring or considering including background checks in the hiring process, we understand that a staffing agency needs candidates who fit the bill and have been thoroughly vetted. We have the knowledge and know-how to ensure that everything from criminal records to social media history is screened.


The result? The top-quality candidates you’ve been looking for.


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