3 Ways Background Screening Helps Build Better Teams


3 Ways Background Screening Helps Build Better Teams

Now that remote workers are becoming the norm or at least part of it, businesses must employ hiring practices that will help build efficiencies and top-tier teams. Recruiting has always relied heavily on in-person interviews with candidates who were local to the business. Now, there’s an entire world of candidates available to fill nearly any open position and while it might feel like an overwhelming task to sift through them to find the right one for your business, it doesn’t have to be. Third-party background screening companies and tools can be optimized to do some heavy lifting that will make your entire team better.

1. Background Screening Tools Deliver Better Info on Remote Hires

After the year of coronavirus, everyone understands how hard it can be for coworkers to feel connected over video calls, emails, and chat apps. If it’s hard for teams who were working together before, imagine how much harder it can be at the hiring stage, when the recruiter, hiring manager, interviewer, and candidate have absolutely no point of reference for each other outside of computer screens. Fortunately, background screening can give everyone a better sense of security by managing everything from basic identify verifications to worldwide employment history checks, criminal records checks, and credential verifications without putting more weight on the HR department.

2. Background Screening Can Improve Diversity in Hiring

Everyone has unconscious bias, even the most inclusive among us. Background screening tools have the potential to make hiring decisions fairer for candidates from a wider variety of backgrounds. Recruiters can filter candidate records based on information limited to pre-determined details that keep certain biases at bay. Automatic processes within the system can base decisions on only what’s applicable to the job description and nothing more, helping mitigate decisions that a human may make based on the wrong details as well as reducing legal risk.

3. Background Screening Can Ease Scalability in Hiring

One of the trickiest areas to scale up processes for a growing business is hiring. It’s the eternal Catch-22. Backlogs in recruiting and hiring can lead to burnout among the rest of a team while they wait for more help to get hired, trained, and fully into the flow of their processes. Background screening can not only help you hire better candidates who are prepared to handle fast growth, but it also helps automate hiring processes starting with job postings. Sometimes those first steps are the hardest to take, so let background screening work in tandem with your ATS to help do the candidate filtering on the front end and keep business growing through every department down the line.


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