4 Metrics for Optimizing Your Background Check Processes


4 Metrics for Optimizing Your Background Check Processes

Hiring is not an unmeasurable element of running a business. Human resources can measure their processes just like sales, accounting, digital marketing, or any other department does. But since background checks and hiring aren’t as easily measured as, say, income vs. expenditures, how should they be measured?


  1. Length of Time to Complete Background Check Forms


Measuring the time between when HR requests completion of a background check form from a candidate to when that form is received can reveal opportunities for improvement. Are there reoccurring hiccups in this process? Do a lot of candidates misunderstand a direction or respond for clarification in similar ways?


  1. Background Check Turnaround Time


The time between when your candidate submits consent for their background check to when the background check results are received can tell you if there’s an issue in how your candidates provide information and submit it. Look for opportunities to clarify instructions or streamline requests.


  1. Total Number of Background Checks


The total background checks your business orders per candidate, per department, and overall can tell you a lot about what your hiring managers need–or believe they need–from background checks. There may be opportunities to streamline processes hereby pre-selecting checks for departments or particular employment levels.


  1. Average Cost Per Background Check


If a department or location has a higher-than-average cost per background check, investigate why. Is it possible to reduce costs without increasing risk? On the flip side, is there a department or location with a lower-than-average cost per background check? Is that increased risk for the company?


Ideally, you’ll dig into the metrics above and discover that everything is as it should be! If so, keep tracking. By keeping an eye on what’s happening in real-time, you’ll be able to see fairly quickly if there’s an anomaly in your background check processes and, hopefully, be able to correct it without much trouble.


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