6 Ways Employers Can Communicate and Adopt Vaccine Policies


6 Ways Employers Can Communicate and Adopt Vaccine Policies

Employers want to get back to normal as quickly as possible, but there is still some vaccine hesitancy amongst workers.

How can organizations motivate and encourage their teams to get vaccinated so everyone can benefit in the workplace? The answers reflect the importance of a solid employer/employee relationship in most cases, and ultimately it comes down to communication.

Here are six ways employers can effectively communicate and adopt vaccine policies:


  1. Communicating vaccine accessibility and eligibility. Employers are looking at this state-by-state to let employees know when they’re able to qualify for vaccines. Across the U.S., most adults 16 and over are now eligible, but unless employees are aware, they might not get vaccinated.
  2. Discussing the value of vaccines and their overall benefits. Distributing facts about vaccines and combating misinformation can facilitate conversations about their importance and create more trust within the organization.
  3. Requiring a proof of vaccination. Some employers also make vaccines a requirement – especially requiring workers to receive vaccines before coming back to work in an office or enclosed space.
  4. Developing policies making vaccines easier to schedule for employees. Vacation time? PTO? Employees often stress about making changes to their schedules to have doctor’s appointments or get vaccines. To combat this mentality, some companies are relaxing time-off policies to allow slack in people’s schedules.
  5. Facilitating access to vaccines or distributing them. If your organization is large enough, it might make sense to become a vaccine distribution center for your employees. Not only would it make scheduling easier, but it would also allow employees to feel more comfortable in a familiar environment.
  6. Offering incentives for getting vaccines. From cash bonuses to additional PTO, incentives motivate employees to move more quickly and get their vaccines scheduled promptly.

Communication is King

Communication with employees, on every level, is the most critical component to adopting successful vaccine policies and making them work across the board.

Many employees simply want to know that their employer is thinking of their safety and well-being over profits and revenue. While others might feel more comfortable with specific incentives and motivation explained thoroughly.

Regardless of the approach your organization takes, the sooner workers get vaccinated, the sooner we can get back to normal – or as close as possible – in our places of business.


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