Amazon Lawsuit Says Background Checks Target Minorities


Amazon Lawsuit Says Background Checks Target Minorities

What’s your why?

What’s the purpose behind your company screening policy? Does it focus on the negative? Or is screening one part of a bigger picture? Your policy and approach to screening matters.

Consider this.

Right now, Amazon’s background screening policy is the subject of a class action lawsuit. Drivers bringing the suit say Amazon’s harsh screening policy unfairly targets African-Americans and Latinos.

Here’s what the drivers say happened.

They say Amazon hired them, pending a background check. And even though the drivers had good performance records, Amazon fired them. Why? Because of the results of their background check. But they say minorities receive more attention from police and screening should factor differently in their hiring process.

Drivers bringing the suit also point to information from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC says relying solely on screening when hiring minorities can have negative impacts and additional information should be considered.

The suit alleges that Amazon ignored this EEOC guidance and developed a screening policy that’s too strict, violating state and federal anti-discrimination rules. The group seeks damages, lost wages, and a court order requiring Amazon to end a screening policy that they believe hurts hiring for minorities.

Cases like this offer a good chance to reflect. Are your screening policies just another item on the to-do list? Or do they consider the person behind the background check?

At ClearStar, we’ve never believed that screening was just about unearthing all the bad. Screening should always focus on confirming your best instincts.

The screening process is always evolving. It includes staying current on policy and law. At the same time, it’s also about never forgetting that a background check is more than a task. It represents a person.

Does your company need a screening program that’s both personal and professional? Contact ClearStar today.


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