Atlanta is on Amazon’s short list. Are you ready?


Atlanta is on Amazon’s short list. Are you ready?

50,000 new tech jobs plus $5 billion in new construction.

These numbers grab everyone’s attention.

Which city will Amazon pick for its second headquarters? No one knows yet. The good news: Atlanta is on their short list.

Dubbed HQ2, this new addition is expected to mirror Amazon’s home base in every way. Their Seattle-based center features jobs like data engineers, business intelligence engineers, and more; salaries could hover around $90,000 and higher. Amazon is expected to make its final decision sometime in 2018.

But it isn’t just those expectations that have cities excited.

It’s what would accompany all those Amazon jobs. Some experts predict Amazon’s HQ2 could also bring up to 250,000 indirect jobs into the area where it locates. That would mean a major boost in hiring across the board.

So, how close is a decision? The finish line may be near, but likely cities face a few more hurdles before any decision is made. And Amazon could push for more “incentives,” or tax breaks, before making its final decision.

And finalists will need to demonstrate strong public-private partnerships plus show good local resources in education and innovation. Experts say Atlanta’s best assets are its “strong regional ties, good universities, and its overall business friendliness.” Plus, they say Atlanta offers a chance for Amazon to “pull in talent from an area that’s often overlooked by tech firms.”

If Atlanta were chosen, would your business be ready? Could you handle a huge hiring influx as a result?

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