Background Checks Can Make or Break the Value of a Staffing Agency


Background Checks Can Make or Break the Value of a Staffing Agency

The recent upheaval of traditional business methodologies means staffing agencies are an ideal stop-gap for employers and workers suddenly at the mercy of changing market needs. Some agencies are working faster than ever to fulfill staffing needs and grab their market shares, but speed to hire can’t be the only benefit they offer.


Reputations are built on trust and reliability and staffing agencies have to release most of that burden to the candidates they place with their clients. Despite their positioning as middlemen in these arrangements, staffing agencies still retain overarching responsibility for their candidates’ work performance and behavior. Placing candidates too quickly endangers their brand and hurts the bottom line for the client as well as the agency itself.


By running thorough background checks on their candidates, staffing agencies can have full confidence in their placements and command top market value for their efforts in recruiting them on their clients’ behalf. Using the services of a staffing agency may be a time and money-saving endeavor in the eyes of the client, but that doesn’t lessen the real value of the staffing agency’s work. As an employer who’s worked with temps and contractors knows, one poorly qualified placement can do a tremendous amount of damage in just a short time on the job. Highly qualified placements make everyone involved look good!


Modern staffing agencies of all sizes can vet their candidates for those highly qualified placements by using background check service providers with global reach and teams who are already experienced with constantly changing compliance laws and data access across a variety of industries and locations.


When background check solutions cater to the specific needs of an industry, they can provide the best recruiting and candidate screening outcomes. ClearStar offers staffing background checks and client services that can boost speed to hire and save employers time and money without risking reputations.


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