Background Checks on First-Time Job Candidates and Recent Grads


Background Checks on First-Time Job Candidates and Recent Grads

When it comes to careers, new graduates can be a bit of a blank slate.

Their resumes usually sport an array of impressive, newly-earned degrees. But actual job experience? In most cases, it’s a little thin. So, how should you approach screening when it comes to new grads or first-time job candidates?

Here are a few key elements to remember.

Blank spots aren’t always red flags
For more seasoned candidates, gaping holes in their background can be red flags. But for first-time job candidates, some blanks in their background is typical. For example, you might not find much prior experience. Credit history may be nil or minimal. That means screening in some areas may look different, but you may consider other options, like social media screening. When it comes to screening, one-size-fits-all isn’t always your best option. It’s better to develop a screening plan designed to suit.

Use tech to connect
Look for ways to put technology to work in your hiring process. This matters even more with a younger, college-age crowd. They’ve grown up with technology. ClearStar offers a suite of mobile-responsive screening services—ScreenMeNow, ClearID, ClearMD, and ClearContact. From their mobile device or desktop, candidates can verify their ID, provide consent, select a drug testing location, and more. Backed by ClearStar’s powerful technology and globally-enabled support, these services help companies make screening a quick and easy process.

The bottom line
Don’t be tempted to skip screening just because your hire is new to the job market. Work to develop a screening package that’s a good fit. At the same time, always be sure all your hiring practices—including screening—remain fair and compliant.

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