Background Checks & Screening for Seasonal Workers


Background Checks & Screening for Seasonal Workers

Seasonal workers are the life support of many businesses—retailers and shipping companies at Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas, outdoor water parks in the summer, tax services providers in the late winter/early spring. None of these businesses could survive without the temporary staff members who dip in and out of these roles and that’s all the more reason to take background screening seriously when hiring them.

Skipping the Screen Raises Risk
Every year, despite our best intentions, the holiday season seems to sneak up on all of us who are too old to sit on Santa’s lap or spin the dreidel. For retail businesses, especially, Q4 can become a yearly blur of merchandise stocking, extended hours, and adding new faces to the payroll. It’s natural to want to cut corners to keep it all from feeling overwhelming.

Skipping background screens on seasonal workers may save your business time and money on the front end, sure, but it also increases your risks as soon as they’re hired. Remember, temporary or not, seasonal workers generally get access to many of the same financial, computer, and security systems as your year-round employees. They also have lower commitment to your team, less loyalty to the company, and a greater ability to fly under the radar during their brief tenures.

Hiring a risky employee just because you have to fill the schedule with warm bodies puts your customers at risk of credit card and identity fraud, puts your business at risk of merchandise theft or shrinkage due to errors, and puts your entire staff at risk for all of the above. Then, when the negligent hire is caught breaking the law, you’ll have to add loss of time, resources, and consumer trust to the damage already done.

Fast, Frictionless Seasonal Background Screening
Managing background screening for seasonal workers doesn’t have to be a sudden and total drag on your resources. Talk to ClearStar about how our screening solutions can integrate with your existing hiring processes and expedite communications with your new hires via mobile. It’s all highly secure, effective, and efficient so you can onboard your new workers and keep your operations running smoothly all season long.


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