Background Screening Helps Companies Navigate Low Unemployment Numbers


Background Screening Helps Companies Navigate Low Unemployment Numbers

This summer’s been one for the record books. Almost.

Unemployment rates have dipped to near 16-year lows.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment rates dropped to 4.4 percent for June, starting the summer off strong.  The bureau said 222,000 jobs were added in June, but also upgraded their reports April and May.

All good signs, especially when you consider other indicators for the American economy. Consumer confidence is on the upswing, and the stock market has seen some big boosts—trends that should continue, say experts.

With unemployment lower and the job market getting tighter, how can background screening help?

In our experience, the need for background screening doesn’t shift with the economy, but having a company that can adapt to individual needs is critical. Here’s how professional background screening can make a difference in today’s economy.

Screening shouldn’t keep candidates away. In a tight labor market, some candidates will have multiple job offers. If background screening becomes too painstaking, they may choose to go with a company whose process is more streamlined. Having a candidate-friendly process is critical.

Screening becomes more important. In a competitive job market, companies often conduct more interviews or dig deeper for candidates. These candidates can come without the right credentials or missing pieces in their resumes. Background screening becomes an even more important part of finding just the right person.

Screening should reach everyone. Temporary or freelance employees often bridge the gap for growing companies, but how should their screening work?  Businesses have to decide whether or not to do their own background screening or rely on another company’s process.

Screening should be consistent. Consider the jobs being filled and the screening practices in place. Make sure those practices are consistent for each person as it relates to the job being filled.

In a competitive job market like this one, having a professional background screening company like ClearStar can make the hiring process simple for both the candidate and your company. Call us today!


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