Bad Background Screening Experiences Cost Companies


Bad Background Screening Experiences Cost Companies

Job interviews are all about evaluating the candidate, right?

Well, not quite.

Nearly 40 percent of businesses say they lost a potential new hire because of that candidate’s bad experience with the company’s background screening system, according to a survey recently released by CareerBuilder.

The survey went on to say that less than half—44 percent—of HR managers had tested their own company’s background check process. Of those that do, 1 in 6 described their screening process as fair to poor.

Negative early experiences reflect on more than just HR; for a potential new hire, they can reflect on the company as a whole.

What’s the best way to keep your company from being part of these statistics?

Choose smarter. Does your background screening company have a solid track record? During the 20 years ClearStar has been in the background screening business, we’re proud of the awards and affiliations we’ve received, including being a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

Don’t dawdle. A professional background check isn’t on demand. They can take up to five days, but usually a lot less. Stats from that CareerBuilder survey say 34 percent of employers lose their candidate because background checks took too long to complete. Let ClearStar help keep track of its status in real-time with our fully automated process.

Do some double-checking. How customer-friendly is your current screening process? Double-checking is never a bad idea. Don’t accept a one-size-fits-all process; look for a company committed to providing exactly what you need. A “standard” background check doesn’t exist. But professional background checks that satisfy business needs and provide users with a positive experience? That’s reality when you work with ClearStar.

Background screening doesn’t have to be painful for either the company or the candidate. With every report, ClearStar is committed to the candidate and cares about delivering a respectful, timely background check experience.

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