Benefits and Challenges of Hiring Remote Teams


Benefits and Challenges of Hiring Remote Teams

With an increasingly connected world, it has never been easier to hire a distributed workforce. More and more companies can be found in big cities with employees living hours away in rural areas, or halfway around the world.

If you’re considering hiring remote employees, there are a lot of factors to mull over. Is hiring remote workers right for your company?

The Pros of Hiring Remotely:

  • Wider Pool of Talent: Hiring remotely gives you access to talent outside of your geographical region. You might not live in a place with good software developers but you need one. Remote hiring lets you search for new hires in places with much more available talent than your current location.
  • Saves Money: Between real estate costs and upkeep of a worksplace, it’s expensive to have on-site staff. Hiring remotely can lessen, if not eliminate, these costs. Remote workers also save money on commuting costs, leading to more money in everyone’s pocket.
  • Flexibility: Not everyone works best 9 to 5, and remote work can offer a more flexible schedule. Remote work allows the night owls or early risers on your team to work when they feel they’re most productive. This can lead to more and better work getting done, and makes your workforce happier overall.

The Cons of Hiring Remotely:

  • Hard to Trust: You probably haven’t met this hire face to face, so it’s harder to get to know them. Relying on your background screening provider to confirm their information can be a great way to build trust.
  • Hiring the Right Employee: Not everyone is suited for remote work. You need to choose a candidate that can motivate themselves, so you don’t worry about work not getting done. Looking for employees who have worked remotely before or engaging them in a trial run can help cut down on conflicts and burnout.
  • Communication: While made significantly easier by technology, communication can still be a challenge. Because you aren’t seeing each other by chance in the halls or dropping by each other’s desks, you will need to be intentional about keeping in touch with your team.

Remote work isn’t for everyone, and remote workers aren’t right for every company. For some, the challenges may outweigh the benefits. But by creating trust through background screening, hiring the right employee, and staying on top of your communication, you can revolutionize your workforce. Contact ClearStar today to begin background screening


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