Biometric Data Can Reduce Personnel Risks without Increasing Your Legal Risks


Biometric Data Can Reduce Personnel Risks without Increasing Your Legal Risks

As artificial intelligence technology advances, it’s only natural for businesses to employ it for better efficiency and tighter security. The use of biometric data, which is on the forefront of AI technology in the human resources arena, provides tremendous value in hiring, ongoing employee management, and overall workplace security.


What is Biometric Data?


If you use your thumbprint to unlock your smartphone and log in to its apps, you’re using your personal biometric data for authentication (instead of typing in your username and password) and you probably don’t think twice about it. Facial recognition, eye scanning, and voiceprints are also examples of biometric data currently being used by banks, hospitals, law enforcement, workplaces, and other facilities that want higher and more-efficient levels of security around building and information access.


Regardless of when or where biometrics are used, the nature of the data collected for it requires businesses to adhere to tighter legal requirements. That means the efficiencies it provides in hiring or elsewhere may just be spent in new places like oversight and legal monitoring. Currently, only three states–Illinois, Texas, and Washington–have enacted specific legal requirements for employer use of biometrics, but more are already preparing to follow suit. Naturally, international laws are quite varied.


Rely on Data Specialists with Compliance Expertise


Technology partners who specialize in data collection from personnel and potential hires can help your business benefit from biometrics and stay ahead of its legal risks. ClearID from ClearStar is a simple way to get reliable, on-the-spot identity validation of job candidates with their written consent in about five minutes. Once the candidate is verified, additional background screens can be managed and monitored through the app. The award-winning biometrics-based app is a game-changer for a fast-changing workforce and employers that need the most vetted candidates at a moment’s notice.


Connect with ClearStar to learn how ClearID simplifies the use of biometric data in a way that can benefit your business by mitigating personnel risks without creating legal compliance risks.


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