Can AI help cut out hiring bias?


Can AI help cut out hiring bias?

Nobody’s perfect.

Even though we all try our best to cultivate plenty of professional, have-it-all-together habits, nobody gets it right all the time. We’re only human, after all.

Here’s some good news, though. Technology may help us get it right more of the time.

Advances in artificial intelligence are changing the way companies do hiring. Hopes are that these AI advances will end some of the unconscious bias in the hiring process.

What’s unconscious bias? Usually outside our control, it’s when we use mental shortcuts to make quick decisions. When screening for employees, it’s easy to default to the familiar. But adding more diversity to the workplace can help bring new ideas and skills into the mix.

AI can help cultivate that diversity by looking at more than just qualifications. With AI software, companies can also consider qualities like personality, interests, and motivations.

How does it work? A number of start-ups offer blind screening software, giving companies the chance to focus more on data and less on the person. Some popular AI options include neuroscience games, asking candidates to solve different tasks as a way to gather data and assess their cognitive and emotional skills. Other AI tools help customize background screening, ignoring irrelevant data so it won’t influence a hiring decision. And these are just a few examples.

Stats say some of these methods do boost hiring for minorities. Almost 20 percent more of females were hired using a blind screening method and roughly 15 percent more minorities were hired, according to one set of stats.

Every company wants to find the best hires. Bias shouldn’t stand in the way. AI won’t completely eliminate bias, but some experts believe it’s a step in the right direction.

Finding a diverse team is easier if you have an experienced screening partner who not only specializes in all the latest technology but helps protect you from seeing information that could lead to a biased decision. Want to know more about what a trusted third-party provider can deploy to help with your safe hiring program? Call ClearStar today!


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