ClearStar and Integration Partners: Technology that Makes Doing Business Simpler


ClearStar and Integration Partners: Technology that Makes Doing Business Simpler

Team up. Join. Integrate.


It’s a good approach when it comes to launching new ideas or tackling new goals. Integration also comes in handy with technology. When good ideas meld with technology that’s user-friendly, we can accomplish so much more.


That’s the idea behind ClearStar’s SAP SuccessFactors integration.


Our goal is to provide employers around the globe with the best screening tools and support candidates with a user-friendly interface. Our secure and convenient process generates professionally-reviewed, comprehensive results. Here’s how we do that.


Easier access to ClearStar tools

Our integration with SAP SuccessFactors means you’ll be connected to the power of ClearStar’s screening system. Access to our cutting-edge tools, comprehensive reports, and expert guidance can happen via desktop—or in the palm of your hand with our mobile apps. Everything you need to successfully launch and manage background or drug screening programs will be within your reach.


Simpler process for employers and candidates

The integration works with the SAP HR tools you’re already using. So, from the list of candidates, you can choose which you’d like to initiate a background check on. Hit confirm, and you’re done. (With our touchless integration, you don’t even have to worry about initiating the background check—it’s automatic!) With ClearStar’s ScreenMeNow, candidates can complete their application online, from their smartphone or mobile device. When it comes to drug or clinical testing, ClearMD lets candidates pick from over 9,000 locations for their test and complete paperwork with an e-signature. It’s tech integration that fits in the palm of your hand.


Real-time results

What good is information if you can’t get it when you need it? Working with ClearStar’s SAP Success Factors integration means you’ll receive support, updates, and information in real-time. When the background check or drug test is complete, you’ll be able to log on and view the results right within your SAP portal.


In non-tech terms, working with ClearStar means you’ll be able to trim the time it takes to hire. Plus, you’ll have actionable information at your fingertips.


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    ClearStar is moving its production private cloud environment to a new data center to enhance our customer experience.

    Users will not be able to access Aurora, ScreenMeNow, ClearMD, Gateway, and integrations from 12:00 AM on Saturday, November 20th to 11:59 PM on Sunday, November 21st.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at (877) 275-7099 or

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