ClearStar Launches CourtMojo™ – New Court Automation Technology

ClearStar Launches CourtMojo™ – New Court Automation Technology

ClearStar, Inc. today announced the launch of CourtMojoTM, automating the processing of county criminal records to over 1,000 county jurisdictions in addition to select statewide searches and federal repositories. CourtMojo decreases the amount of time it takes to retrieve information directly from a public record terminal. Built on a best of breed philosophy, CourtMojoTM uses various technology integrations to conduct automated record searches to decrease the time it takes to deliver results to employers on their applicants undergoing the background screening process.

“When an employer makes the decision to increase its human capital assets, speed in getting the right people on boarded is critical,” said Traci Ivester, VP of Background Screening for ClearStar. “As part of our Need for Speed commitment, CourtMojoTM brings a toolset that will help us continue to decrease delivery time of vital decision making information to our clients. We are in the constant pursuit to bring comprehensive decision making data to our clients in the fastest and most secure way possible.”

Built on the trusted history of ClearStar’s Aurora technology, CourtMojoTM is architectured to accommodate high volume requests for data and reports. All information provided through the Aurora technology is available through an extremely robust set of web services that facilitate easy integration into applicant tracking systems or human resource management systems. Aurora is approved under Experian Independent 3rd Party Assessment (EI3PA) to process credit data.

About ClearStar
ClearStar, Inc. is an advocate for applicants and a leading and trusted provider of background check technology, strategic services and decision-making information to employers and background screening companies.

ClearStar’s purpose is to help people affirm the truth about themselves and to know the truth about others. When reputations of people and businesses are at stake, a mission to provide the systems, tools, processes and services that help convey the truth about a person to people who have permission to see it is a significant undertaking.

A five-time Inc. 5000 honoree, ClearStar has provided innovative technology solutions to businesses in the human capital management industry from its corporate offices near Atlanta, Georgia since 1995. For more information about ClearStar, please visit: