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History In The Making

Will it be ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Held Up by Background Screening?’

Holiday Hold-Up

Lewis and Clark

ClearStar offers paperless drug screening and over 9,000 locations to make testing convenient for your applicants.


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Is your background screening company stuck in the past? At ClearStar, we know what questions we CAN ask and what questions we CAN’T.


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Rosie the Riveter

ClearStar’s ClearID verifies your applicant’s identity in five minutes or less.


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At ClearStar, we treat your applicants with the respect they deserve.



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Christopher Columbus

ClearStar’s online ordering and electronic signature capabilities get your applicants to work fast.


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ClearStar understands global ordering requirements and boasts a credentialed network of suppliers.


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Mr. Watson

At ClearStar, we understand aliases when verifying identities and can get the correct applicant to work fast.


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At ClearStar, we go where the applicant is so they can get to work faster.


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ClearStar easily integrates with other information systems to reduce errors and increase efficiency.


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At ClearStar, we are certified and monitored by third party security providers to keep your applicants’ information safe.


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