Could more extensive background checks for gun buyers be on the horizon?


Could more extensive background checks for gun buyers be on the horizon?

Gun control is not a new debate.

But is this debate one that’s about to develop into new laws?

With a new party in control of the House of Representatives, a stack of bills connected to gun control has come before Congress lately. Adding or expanding background checks factor into plenty of that legislation.

Here’s a sampling of what’s up for consideration.

Expanded background checks on gun sales. Just before the end of February, the House OK’d extra screening for gun sales. Transactions with and between licensed dealers are already subject to background checks, but this law would also require screening for all private sales, as well. Passing with a healthy margin, this was the first major gun control legislation passed in the House in more than 20 years.

Added time for background checks. The House of Representatives gave its nod to another bill that would lengthen the wait time for gun buyers. Currently, buyers and sellers have to wait three days for a background check to be complete. This bill would give the FBI up to 10 days to complete its background check, or more if needed.

Require background checks for ammunition buyers. Legislation just introduced would also require screening for those buying ammunition. Still in its early stages, this bill is being introduced with the support of 54 co-sponsors. (It’s interesting to note that six states already have various laws requiring some level of background checks to buy ammunition.)

So, what’s next for these bills?

Making it through the House of Representatives is big, but the biggest challenge might still be ahead. Turning any of these bills into law will require bipartisan support from the Republican-controlled Senate. They’ll also need an OK from the White House. Nothing is final yet.

But one thing is sure—the need for screening will continue.

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