Customization Matters


Customization Matters

We live in a world tailored to us. Facebook delivers you highly relevant ads, Target prints off coupons based on your purchases, and Google serves up customized search results based on your browsing data. So why should you settle for background screening solutions that aren’t as customized as your life?

At ClearStar, we believe that YOU matter. We also care about what matters TO you. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t stand for standard, one-­size-­fits-­all background screening solutions.

  1. Your Money Matters
    • Let’s face it; you’re paying for things you aren’t using. Most background companies require you to be a huge company or a very skilled negotiator to get a custom solution. Maybe they offer tiers or solutions based on the size of your needs. But odds are, there is at least one feature you are paying for that you likely never use.
  2. Your Time Matters
    • Wading through a sea of features and products you don’t use can be annoying, not to mention a massive waste of time. We take the time to help customize your solution based on what you need.
  3. Your Relationships Matter
    • You just hired a stellar candidate. Next step: screening! But you run into an issue, and need to contact your screening partner. You’re probably going to be routed through a customer service line to someone who has never even heard of you, in a country halfway across the globe. When your screening services are customized, you know who to call—the person who worked hand-­in­-hand with you to create your program. We don’t leave you hanging!
  4. Your Needs Matter
    • We have talked a lot about having features and products you don’t use. But what about ones that no one else offers? No problem. We work with you to create a custom program that doesn’t just eliminate the bits that you DON’T need, but creates the solutions you DO need to solve your screening challenges.

You wouldn’t settle for a candidate who wasn’t a good fit, so don’t settle for background screening that isn’t either. Contact ClearStar, and get started with your customized background screening solution!


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