Data Security Done Differently


Data Security Done Differently

A company’s handling of data protection is a hot topic now more than ever before. What makes ClearStar different? A unique obsession with keeping data secure and safe. Whether the solution requires some in-house creativity or begins with training our employees on the best data handling methods, we take security seriously.

ClearStar doesn’t settle for providing the minimum amount of security required to customers and candidates. We invest in every one of our team members and don’t underestimate their importance in identifying front-line vulnerabilities and attacks. Our employees are trained to use the highest standard of security procedures when handling your data.

We also invest in our tech systems to provide the best security in our industry. The best digital protection against data theft begins with Defense in Depth. This practice provides layered protection against possible intrusion or theft, going far beyond the minimum certification requirements. What this means for your data is that it is behind more than one security measure. Defense in Depth provides an integrated defense that works to stay ahead of persistent threats.

Our greatest step toward ultimate protection has been to implement a risk-management-based strategy to safeguard your data. This strategy identifies data that is most likely to be routinely attacked and uses additional resources to protect it. By identifying high value data and protecting it against vulnerabilities, we are better able to safeguard against theft and intrusions.

But what does all this mean for your company, your data, and your candidates?

First, it means peace of mind. Working with ClearStar means you’re assured that every measure is being taken to maximize the protection of your data. It also means that you build a relationship with a screening company that puts thought into every step of the process. Finally, you know that every person on our team, from our front-line employees to our C-level executives, has had training with your security in mind.

Are you a member of your company’s IT staff and want to know more about how our technology and security can work with yours? Don’t settle for minimum security policies, weak procedures, and out-of-date implementations. Learn more about working with a company that takes your data seriously by contacting ClearStar today.


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