Defense Industry Set Sights on Stable Spending While Aerospace Industry Takes a Nosedive due to COVID-19


Defense Industry Set Sights on Stable Spending While Aerospace Industry Takes a Nosedive due to COVID-19

Employment has been hit hard across the board by COVID-19. And while some industries have come to a complete standstill, others have remained quite active, even within the transportation industries.


Naturally, business in the commercial aerospace market is down due to international travel restrictions. Early in the second quarter, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), global air travel was down 80% compared to 2019. Projections say it may take two to three years to recover.


Comparatively, thanks to big government budgets, U.S. defense spending remains strong. At press time, additional funding amounts had yet to be determined, but the Pentagon is hoping for an influx of billions which they hope to spend down their supply chains. Compared to other industries, fewer than 40 defense firms have been forced to lay off employees.


The stability of defense spending means businesses that fulfill contracts for the Pentagon have to rely on a stable supply of employees who have specialized skills in technology, design, combat vehicle manufacturing, weapons manufacturing, cyber security services, and the like.


Recruiters and human resources executives need to be on top of hiring and employee retention to ensure these valuable supply chains keep working. Medical screening protocols can help keep current workers COVID-19-free and active on production floors and in operations departments. But there’s no time to waste when it comes to hiring. Only pre-employment screening can swiftly separate candidates that meet an employer’s hiring criteria from those that do not and may have issues that could halt production.


ClearStar provides Employee Monitoring solutions that can help any government defense contractor mitigate risks from untrustworthy hires with dangerous criminal records. Plus, monitoring can be automated to review criminal databases on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and provide employers with instant alerts of any new infractions. When ongoing Employee Monitoring is integrated with Virtual Badge ID protocols, employers can have real-time access control to highly secure workplaces.


To learn more about how it all works together to keep your defense contracts secure and your workplace safe, contact ClearStar and ask about Employee Monitoring solutions to meet your needs.


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