Discover FCRA-Compliant Social Media Screening With the Latest ClearStar Partnership


Discover FCRA-Compliant Social Media Screening With the Latest ClearStar Partnership

Social media isn’t just a platform. Today, it’s where plenty of people live.


Almost 80 percent of Americans have social media profiles. More than 300 million Facebook photos are uploaded every single day, according to this Forbes article. The amount of information created and shared digitally every single minute is mind-boggling.


So, how can you skip social media when it comes to screening? Maybe the bigger question is: how do you incorporate it in a way that’s both professional and compliant? Sounds like a pretty tall order, doesn’t it? Not for companies partnering with ClearStar.


We’ve joined forces with Social Intelligence, the only social media screening company reviewed by the FTC. That means you can now receive social media screening that’s compliant with FCRA, EEOC, and state privacy laws.


During our March webinar, ClearStar’s Brad Carlson talked with Whitney Van Pelt, business development manager at Social Intelligence. They talked about what this new partnership offers, as well as the pitfalls of DIY social media screening.


Why DIY screening doesn’t work

“Consumers can easily pull up adverse social media content,” explained Whitney Van Pelt in the webinar. “And they’re asking why companies can’t do that, too.”


But wading into DIY social media screening can be tough. It takes plenty of time. And companies risk uncovering protected data—information about an candidate’s religion, race, age, etc.—that cannot factor into the hiring process.


How professional social media screening works

Social Intelligence reports redact any protected data, only flagging actionable content. Their reports include posts that display racism/intolerance, potential illegal activity, potentially violent conduct, and sexually explicit material.


In the webinar, Van Pelt also walked listeners through their collection process, explaining how it complies with both state and local laws. This social media screening helps companies cut the noise and focus on information that’s actionable and business-related. Learn more on our webinar.


Are you getting all the information you need? Partner with ClearStar to find a screening package that’s a perfect fit. Contact us today to learn more.


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