Do you know how much screening really happens with app-based workers?


Do you know how much screening really happens with app-based workers?

Apps help us tackle plenty of projects, don’t they?

Whether it’s ordering food or connecting with friends, apps do a little bit of everything these days.

Apps also play an important role in hiring now—hiring babysitters, contractors, drivers, and more. But who are the workers being hired? Plenty of app-based businesses promise the workers we’re letting in our homes and businesses are screened.

But the big question is: are they getting screened enough?

Consider this.

A California couple hired help using a popular dog walker app. But then two things happened: their dog walker reported an incident on a walk and their dog started throwing up blood. That’s when the couple double checked their home surveillance video.

What did they find? They discovered the man they hired had kicked their dog, whipped it with a leash, and more. They also saw the man walking not just their two dogs, but a crowd of other dogs—something the couple never knew was happening.

But that’s not all they found. Since the dog walker’s initial background check, he’d been involved in another, separate incident. Several people had reported him to police for “aggressive” behavior toward animals at a local dog park. Ongoing screening may have revealed this incident and prevented him from hurting more dogs.

Ongoing screening is standard in some industries—like healthcare and finance. But for freelance or app-based workers? Not as much.

Although changes may be on the way.

More and more, information is available electronically. This means continuous screening is more feasible today than ever before. And experts say more companies are showing interest in adding on-going, real-time screening.

So, how do you know if your company should add extra screening? Consider these guidelines. People can always change over time. So, weigh the cost versus benefit. And, as always, keep compliance as a top priority.

Find exactly the right screening package for your company. Contact ClearStar today.


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