Drug Testing Holds Up Hiring


Drug Testing Holds Up Hiring

It’s been a big summer for jobs.

Unemployment rates are low. In fact, they’re the lowest since March 2001.

Business is booming for plenty of companies, but the struggle for many isn’t finding customers. The tough part is finding workers who can pass a drug test.

According to stats cited in this New York Times article, opioid abuse cost the U.S. economy $78.5 billion in 2013 and some companies lose around 25 percent of their candidates to failed drug screenings.

Drug use in the workplace isn’t necessarily a new problem, but it may be a growing one.

This year, failed employee drug tests hit a 12-year high. Among the 10 million test results considered, marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine are among the substances pushing those rates higher, although each area of the country varies slightly.

What’s prompting the bump in positive drug tests?

One factor may be the number of states recently choosing to legalize marijuana. Many states have made the drug legal in some form, but that hasn’t changed federal rules and employers still need a drug-free workplace to get the job done.

Changing state laws don’t require employers to compromise workplace safety, say experts, but it is important for businesses to have a clear, specific policy that complies with state laws on how testing should be conducted, consequences for a positive test, and how to test for impairment.

Feeling overwhelmed by the whole process? You’re not in it alone! We believe education can make a big difference for companies. That’s why we offer resources to help cover all the basics and separate fact from fiction.

No matter what challenges the future may hold for workers and employers, it always helps to have a trusted provider of drug screening and background checks on your side. To learn more about how ClearStar provides employers with comprehensive decision-making information, contact us today.


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