Future Trends in HR


Future Trends in HR

Futuristic. Cutting edge. Trending.

How will your customers’ needs evolve? What will the industry outlook be? Catching a glimpse in the crystal ball of business trends can be a challenge. So much happens so quickly.

That’s why we cut through the clutter to present this collection of emerging trends in HR. Just like any other area of business, the world of HR doesn’t stand still. It’s moving, evolving, and changing to meet demands in a better, more efficient way.

So, what’s trending in the world of HR? Plenty.

The push to hire mobile. Having a mobile workforce is a trend that’s been growing steadily over the years and shows no signs of slowing. In fact, HR experts today say we’re in the middle of a massive shift: that by 2019, 61 percent of workers will choose “agile work opportunities.” This isn’t just good news for workers who want flexibility, it’s good news for companies. More recruitment opportunities can go global, plus it can be a great way to offer existing employees a “better work-life” balance.

A bigger reach for technology. Technology is pretty handy to have around. It makes life easier. But for HR in the coming year, technology shows signs of being a driver of change in areas like recruitment, hiring, screening, and more. The key: figuring out what areas your company can tap into and getting ahead of the game.

A boost for analytics. Analytics have been part of the business equation for a while, but 2018 promises to be a year where people analytics takes center stage in HR. People analytics will be in the forefront of planning, and companies that rely on it will truly build better teams over the long haul.

Cutting-edge technology and proven experience? Those factors are always trending, and ClearStar specializes in both. As your screening partner, we’ll put our expertise to work. We’ll simplify your screening and keep your business moving. Contact us today!


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