Help Your Business Survive Now and Thrive Later through Planning and Hiring


Help Your Business Survive Now and Thrive Later through Planning and Hiring

Living through the world’s worst pandemic in a century is an extraordinary experience for humanity individually and collectively. For businesses, the upheaval caused by COVID-19 has been something more than extraordinary; it’s turned day-to-day business on its head!


Economic survival means there’s no choice but to work through this disruption. Being prepared in a few key areas can help your business live to see the day when the world returns to some kind of normal.


Strong Remote Work Policies


Pre-COVID-19, many businesses refused to entertain robust work-from-home (WFH) policies, but now that so many have been forced to accept it as a means for survival, it may be time to revisit those old policies in the short-term and establish new ones for the long-term.


Healthy WFH arrangements require new kinds of organization and connectedness among employees. Standards and best practices, data and financial security, office equipment, and supplies, and more all have to be considered when your business gets done in multiple places. Figuring it all out now will make it easier for employees to go from working at the office to remote and back again as needed.


Prepping for Employee Illnesses


Employees at all levels of your organization will contract COVID-19. Anytime someone is too ill to work —remotely or not—it throws a wrench in the works of their department. Some can easily redistribute workloads for short periods of time. But what if that sick employee remains sick for weeks? Months? What if they don’t survive it at all?


Before it happens, make sure all departments have plans in place for short-term and long-term employee illnesses. Prepare workload redistribution arrangements ahead of time. Consider the lines of succession that may need to be in place and map out training plans. Also, make allowances for the mental and emotional well-being of other team members, too. We all know what to expect when a co-worker comes down with a seasonal cold or flu, but COVID-19 brings new considerations for everyone it touches. And that’s actually everyone.


Taking Advantage of High Unemployment


Amidst the doomsaying and stressors of COVID-19, businesses should acknowledge some positive opportunities like, for example, the chance to swoop in and hire cream-of-the-crop employees who were furloughed or laid off by struggling companies.


The establishment of healthy WFH policies and solid strategies for managing employee illnesses can do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to adopting these prized workers. They will likely have multiple offers on the table. You’re more likely to get them while the getting is good once your company has a long-term survival plan in place.


Recruiting and Retaining Top Employees


Now more than ever, hiring strategies have to include those organization survival plans and an ongoing and robust hiring program. Talk with ClearStar about how our experienced team can help you identify—and keep—employees who will help your business do more than just survive COVID-19; they will help you thrive for a long time after.


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