Hiring Santa’s Helpers


Hiring Santa’s Helpers

Though it’s only October, ‘tis already the season for seasonal hiring. U.S. retailers are projected to hire over 738,000 extra part time workers in the fourth quarter—that means a lot of interviewing, screening, and onboarding for employers. When you’re bringing on dozens of new hires, it can be very tempting to rush employees in the door, skimping on or skipping critical pre-employment background checks.

Don’t let screening and security slip through the cracks. Here are four key tips to keep in mind as your business is hustling and bustling this holiday season:

Trust, but Verify

Hired a Mr. or Mrs. Claus through a booking agency? While running your own background check in addition to the agency might seem redundant, don’t skip peace of mind to save a few dollars. Your screen may catch something the agency’s might not. Background screening your holiday helpers the same as your year-round employees could make the difference that protects your team and your company.

Screen Like They’ll Be There All Year

Seasonal employees shouldn’t be held to a lesser standard just because they won’t be working with you for long. A survey by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found a 20% rise in workplace fraud during the holidays. By maintaining the same level of background check integrity that you do year-round, you can help cut down on any potential losses to shrinkage and theft.

Screening Shouldn’t Stop at the Door

Most companies perform a background check when hiring a seasonal employee, and never look into their background again. This is especially important if a seasonal employee is hired on for an extended amount of time. One way to cut down on thefts is to implement a regular screening process to determine if the employee has had any new marks on their record since their hire.

Have Processes in Place

This may seem like a no-brainer, but can be vital, especially to small businesses competing for talent. If you know you’re going to be extending a lot of offers in rapid succession, have your screening and onboarding documents prepared to go out as well. Train your employees not to sacrifice screening safety and quality, but to use efficient processes to bring new hires on board.

Whether you’re hiring one helper or hundreds this season, happy (very early) holidays from the ClearStar family to yours!


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