How ClearMD Changes Screening


How ClearMD Changes Screening

What’s on your schedule today?

Catching up with clients? Downsizing a pile of paperwork on your desk?

For both employers and job seekers, days can be jam packed and scheduling time for screening isn’t always simple. Plus, keeping track of paperwork can be a full-time job. Does anyone really need more paperwork to keep track of? We don’t think so.

Those are just some of the reasons why ClearStar is offering ClearMD, a convenient option in mobile screening.

So, how does ClearMD work?

It all starts with a candidate navigating the pre-employment process. When an employer orders a drug or clinical blood test for them, ClearMD connects that candidate with convenience.

Using a mobile phone, a candidate can enter their information and choose a test location that works for them. Once that appointment has been set, ClearMD supplies 24-hour and 72-hour appointment reminders before the test. Candidates also don’t need to remember any paperwork. As they near their test location, the paperwork will pop up on their mobile phone.

ClearMD has perks for employers, too. As a candidate works through the process, ClearMD relays real-time status updates back to the company. Once tests are finished, the professionally reviewed results are delivered to the company via e-mail. ClearMD also integrates with any background check, HR, or ATS software.

What’s goal of the whole process?

To keep this screening professional and candidate-friendly from start to finish. Screening with ClearMD also helps move candidates through the screening process faster. With the competitive job market, quality candidates always have a choice where they work. Professional, convenient screening services give the best candidates just one more reason to choose your company.

Want to simplify your screening process and attract quality candidates? Partnering with ClearStar to update your screening services can make a big difference.  Call today for more information on ClearMD and our whole suite of mobile screening solutions.


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