How do you recruit the best candidates for your business?


How do you recruit the best candidates for your business?

Employees can make or break a business.


The difference between the overall success and failure of a project, a department, or even an entire company can come down to just one individual. How do you recruit the best candidates?


Source efficiently

To start, put your job offerings on the internet in ways that will ensure people actually find it. When you do, make sure that your business is being described in a way that proves it’s a great place to work. It is also essential in our tech-savvy world to enable your site on mobile devices. In addition, listen to and encourage referrals from your already trusted employees regarding new hires.


Respond rapidly

A major complaint amongst job seekers is a lack of communication following application submission. In fact, 52% say they don’t receive any communication 2-3 months after applying. Make your business stand out in a good way by being responsive, especially through text, as 99% of employers’ texts to candidates are opened and 37% receive a response.


Screen creatively

Video screening allows employers to access more candidates more quickly without fewer in-person interviews. Another way to ensure you do not waste the time of a potential hire or yourself is through skill assessments. This ensures employees who would not fit well within your organization do not make their way into it.


Onboard seamlessly

For 30% of employers, the number one reason candidates turn down their job offers is that they’ve already accepted a job with another company. Be that other company by reaching out as soon as a hiring decision is made. It is also important to communicate logistics and answers to FAQs related to your business prior to the hire’s first day.


Engage frequently

Make your current employees feel appreciated by engaging and challenging them, investing in ongoing training opportunities, and communicating with them about job openings in different departments before posting them publicly.

Vet effortlessly

A candidate-friendly, tech-forward background screening process will only grow in importance when attracting and retaining top talent in the new decade. Look for a screening provider that offers solutions to get your candidates in the door with as few steps as possible. Offering candidates a mobile experience with e-signature capabilities as well as a paperless drug screening process with mobile wallet pass are just a few ways ClearStar simplifies the verification process for employers and their candidates.


To read the full list of ways to improve the candidate journey, check out our partner iCIMS. And to discover a screening process that will propel your business, contact us at ClearStar.


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