How much does education verification matter?


How much does education verification matter?

It’s not always easy.

In fact, telling what’s real and what’s fake feels almost impossible sometimes. But deciphering the authentic is critical for any company, especially when it comes to hiring.

That’s where screening comes in. Screening separates fact from fiction. It helps you verify your instincts and find the best hires in the most professional way. Why is this so important? Some stats say more than 50 percent of job seekers are less than honest during the hiring process.

One key area where candidates stretch the truth is in the area of education. Most experts consider education history to be a “fundamental building block” on resumes or applications. Translation: it can be pretty tempting for candidates to present fake or exaggerated education credentials.

So, how can we verify those credentials?

The verification process isn’t always simple; it can be different for every single person. Depending on the situation, it can take time and multiple calls. Name changes, incomplete information, or slightly inaccurate information (using a married name instead of a maiden name, for example) slow the process down.

But that’s not the only issue. The boom in online diploma mills adds another degree of complication. Diploma mills don’t just offer a fancy piece of paper. For the right price, buyers can purchase just about any “degree” they’d like complete with transcripts and call centers to help verify their imaginary transcripts.

Here’s some good news, though. The future does hold some promising technology to help combat those abuses. For example, blockchains could help by offering employers verified chains of information that would be unique to each person. The blockchains would include information like work history, academic credentials, and more.

The bottom line is: education verification is too important to skip. ClearStar can help. Whether you need a high-tech solution or a professional partner for screening, we’d love to work with you. Call us today!


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