How well is your information protected from data breaches?


How well is your information protected from data breaches?

Try this number on for size—2.5 quintillion bytes of data.

That’s how much data we upload to the Internet every single day.

So it makes sense that protecting sensitive online data is a giant job. Remember the massive Equifax breach in 2017? That compromised more than 145 million customers, and it wasn’t even the biggest breach in recent history. Or how about the recent Facebook exposure of nearly 50 million users personal information. Current research shows data breaches are on the rise.

How states handle data security

Across all 50 states, laws governing data breaches are as different as night and day. Generally, though, states define a data breach the same way: “the unauthorized acquisition of covered information that compromises security, integrity, or confidentiality.”

Targeted information also varies, but it can include any or all of these basics: names, social security numbers, drivers license numbers, email address and passwords, credit card numbers, or medical records.

States have different ways of handling a breach. States with some of the toughest laws include: Alabama, California, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, and Utah. (Click here to see how your state ranks.)

How ClearStar handles data security

At ClearStar, our business is handling confidential information. That means data security for companies and candidates is one of our top priorities every single day.

So, how do we secure information at ClearStar?

We do it by using military-grade protection for our platforms and implementing confidentiality controls. It’s our goal to ensure your company’s data is protected with leading, community-proven controls. These measures are always being tested.

At the same time, we understand that security must be balanced with the need to have a system that’s accessible for authorized decision-makers. A system is only good if it works for the companies it’s designed to serve.

You shouldn’t have to choose between security and accessibility. Pick a screening partner who can offer you the best of both. Contact ClearStar today.


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