HR Tech Changed the Hiring Game. Are You Still Winning?


HR Tech Changed the Hiring Game. Are You Still Winning?

HR Technology had already changed the game for recruiting and hiring well before pandemic life had become our regular lifestyle. Now that COVID-19 has upended almost everything we knew about employer/candidate relationships, though, it may be time to evaluate some processes to ensure they’re working in everyone’s best interests.


Resume Reviews via ATS


Candidate Tracking Systems (ATSs) have allowed hiring managers to streamline their resume review processes to the nth degree. By giving artificial intelligence the bulk of the busy work required to screen job candidates for the skills needed to do the job, we’ve been able to reduce workloads significantly. But, on the flipside, ATSs can also cast aside highly qualified candidates who might not be as savvy about writing AI-friendly resumes.


It’s more important than ever for recruiters to understand the caveats of ATS systems and the limitations of using AI for hiring. As more employees are encouraged to apply for remote opportunities, and hiring processes can’t include in-person interviews, it’s important that your ATS system be a trusted employee that aligns with hiring laws and the personality of your workplace.


Sure, video interviews are a stop-gap, but it can still be difficult to feel a real connection through a digital feed. If an interviewer or interviewee – or both – are uncomfortable on camera, or just not practiced in projecting their needs and talents through the screen, video interviews can’t do all the heavy lifting for replacing a warm and welcoming in-person interview experience in the office.


It’s certainly okay for hiring managers to lean on ATSs! Using them successfully just requires a new balancing act. HR needs to draw on their humanity and set up candidates for success by providing resources to help them understand what their ATS is looking for and communicating clearly what they seek to fulfill a role. A little human touch from the very beginning of the process will help candidates feel more relaxed from the get-go all the way through to the video interview – and hopefully beyond.


Experienced HR Partners With a Human Touch


ClearStar has spent more than 25 years developing HR technology solutions for the digital age and now provides tools to assist employers with background screening, data security, drug screening, and more. Ask ClearStar how our proprietary technology and unmatched candidate care can help your team secure the best and the brightest employees.


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