Is it possible to end millennial job-hopping?


Is it possible to end millennial job-hopping?

What builds a strong career?

A good skill set. A willingness to learn. Love for your work.

What about a commitment to your company? Maybe not—if you’re a millennial.

Job-hopping used to be completely taboo, but stats say millennials are chronic job-hoppers. In fact, most employers expect it. CareerBuilder says 45 percent of employers don’t expect their younger employees to stick around much longer than two years. And catch this one: most millennials will have worked five different jobs by the time they’re 35.

Turnover can be costly. It can take so much time to find and train new hires. But companies can’t afford to ignore millennials.

According to information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 34 percent of the workforce will be in the 16 to 24-year-old age group by 2024. Millennials also represent some of the most educated and hardest working employees available.

So, is it possible to change their job-hopping habits? Stats hint that it is.

Listen to this. Millennials chosen for management positions resign two-thirds less often. Stats like this may show the potential for change. Experts say that offering upward growth potential is a major incentive for millennials.

Other incentives include offering professional development opportunities. A poll from Gallop said 87 percent of millennials place a high value on it. Another important perk is a positive company culture. Ask yourself: is your company a good place to work?

Even though these attributes might be aimed at millennials, they’ll do more than just boost standing with the younger crowd. Applied in any company, they can help create a culture that focuses on the positive and offers all employees room to learn and grow.

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