Kicking Glass: Women Thrive in Leadership Roles in the Background Screening Industry

Recently published article, Kicking Glass: Women Thrive in Leadership Roles in the Background Screening Industry highlights the quick corporate ladder climb females in the industry are making.

Our COO, Traci Ivester, had the opportunity to comment on the number of women executives in background screening and share her insights as to why. She states, “I think most of us realize the importance of providing employers with the information they need to make informed hiring decisions. Women are generally more nurturing and compassionate than men, and these traits are of particular use in the screening industry. It’s not softness, but a way of working with organizations and applicants to explain the depths of screening, including both the positive and negative impacts. I feel proper education is one of the biggest gaps in the background screening industry. Women are helping to bridge this gap by educating background screening companies, employers, and the industry as a whole about how to interpret and use the information gleaned from a background check as well as how to help the applicant be knowledgeable about their own data. Women have become more confident and ambitious, and they simply don’t accept being told they can’t be as successful in business as their male counterparts. The background screening industry embraces this, and I believe the number of women in leadership roles will continue to expand.”

Read Traci’s comments along with several other female senior executives in the industry in W. Barry Nixon’s, SHRM-CMP article on

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