Looking For a Job? Check your Social Media.


Looking For a Job? Check your Social Media.

The Internet has been the biggest game changer in the history of the job hunt. In such a competitive environment, using every tool you have at your disposal just makes sense. Social media has made it easier than ever to find jobs you’re interested in, and to be found by recruiters. But it has its pitfalls too. Here are our top 5 social media tips for job seekers:

  1. Use Social Media to Automate Your Job Search

Nearly every job hunting site has a feature allowing you to get notifications when something you’re looking for is posted. These are especially powerful on sites like Linkedin, but even Facebook is getting into the employment game, with the recent rollout of the Facebook jobs platform.

  1. Social Media is Social Proof

What if you don’t have any social media profiles—what happens to your job search? A web presence is often just as important as a resume when you’re trying to get hired. If a hiring manager can’t find you, they may make several assumptions about you. They may assume you don’t have anything to offer, and you don’t care. They may assume you aren’t social media or tech savvy, which can be a real killer in the modern job market. Worse, they may assume that you’re hiding something. Having no virtual trace is highly suspect, and they may think you are trying to cover up a spotty past.

  1. Remember the “Social” Part of Social Media

Looking for a job with a certain description and feel comfortable sharing it publicly? Posting to your profile that you’re looking for a position can put you in personal contact with unexpected offers. You can use Facebook friends lists to curate professional contacts apart from family members and friends, so word of your search doesn’t go beyond where you want it to.

  1. Research the Companies You’re Interested In

Good research is always imperative when heading into a job interview, and social media is a great place to start. Check to see if the company has public pages and check out their posts. If their social media is good, you might get an idea of their company culture. Being able to speak with some confidence about the company and its people will be sure to impress your interviewer.

  1. LinkedIn is Still King, However…

With sites like Facebook, Github, and others getting in on the jobs game, the field is getting pretty crowded. LinkedIn still leads the crowd, with 93% of companies using it as a hiring tool. Companies are feeling pressure to diversify, though. Looking for jobs in non-traditional places, like Instagram and Snapchat, has become a common practice. If your industry has a niche social media network, check to see if they have a job board or group.

Social media has made it easier, faster, but sometimes more complicated to find a job. Stay abreast on when careers opportunities open up at ClearStar! 


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