Mobile Employment Drug Screening is Ideal for Hiring During COVID-19

Mobile Employment Drug Screening is Ideal for Hiring During COVID-19

Even before COVID-19, mobile employment drug screening technology was boosting the efficiency of hiring processes by taking drug screenings directly to the job candidates. And once COVID-19 is eradicated, it can continue providing a number of benefits to employers, candidates, and employees, too.


Benefits Beyond COVID-19 Infection Risk Mitigation


In addition to the built-in physical distancing benefit, mobile screening technology offers multiple perks for everyone involved in the testing process. More specifically, a tool like ClearMD by ClearStar means employment drug and clinical screenings both:


  • can be managed by the individual rather than HR,
  • effect fewer errors thanks to paperless ordering processes,
  • comply with privacy regulations by communicating via secure portals,
  • save employers money­–and everyone’s time–by requiring fewer touchpoints.


Currently, mobile employment drug screening by ClearMD is integrated with more than 9,000 Abbott Labs, LabCorp, and Quest Diagnostics testing locations. These labs can provide Apple and Android users with automated appointment reminders on their smartphones and securely integrate data with any background check, HR, or ATS software so that, all along the way, HR receives automatic updates of an individual’s progress through the screening process.


ClearMD Can Make Mobile Employment Drug Screening Work for You


Ask ClearStar how our ClearMD mobile technology and nationwide lab integrations can support your recruiting and HR teams during this especially stressful time and well into your next chapters of hiring and workforce management.



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