Mobile Screening Attracts Younger Drivers


Mobile Screening Attracts Younger Drivers

It’s no big surprise. Convenience drives plenty of decisions.

Whether it’s meal choices, picking an outfit, or even choosing a place to live, the most convenient choice wins more often than not. And background screening is no exception.

Companies are choosing convenient, mobile options in background screening as one way to help streamline hiring and, in some industries, to attract a younger crowd of candidates, says new research.

According to information in a transportation industry, attracting a younger workforce is top priority because retirement rates in that industry continues to climb. In order to do that, trucking companies looked for ways to innovate their hiring process. This meant plenty of changes, said the survey, including recruiting through social media networking and using less want ads, for example.

It also meant changes in the screening process for a chunk of that industry. According to survey stats, 40 percent of the companies also said they implemented a “mobile-friendly application as part of the screening process” in an effort to reach younger employees and keep the employees they had.

While some of these issues may be specific to that industry, the effort to provide an on-the-go screening process for potential employees is universal. And today’s competitive job market makes having a mobile-friendly screening process critical for just about any employer.

That’s why ClearStar offers its partners a suite of mobile-responsive screening services — ScreenMeNow, ClearID, ClearMD, and ClearContact. This suite of solutions allows employers to quickly and completely vet candidates from the convenience of a mobile device. Backed by ClearStar’s powerful technology, and globally enabled with support for over 130 countries, these services allow companies to screen and hire contract workers in minutes.

Technology works best when it works at your pace and goes where you go. Our goal at ClearStar is to simplify the screening process, and mobile-responsive screening options are one way to make that happen.

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