Never Skip These Important Staffing Steps


Never Skip These Important Staffing Steps

With the current staffing shortages in schools and hospitals across the United States, employers are desperate to find qualified help. However, even in desperate times, cutting corners when making quick hiring decisions could do more harm than good. Here are some of the most important things employers should not skip when hiring new employees.

Employers Should Never Skip These Important Hiring Steps.

Background Checks

Background checks are the #1 must-have when hiring a new employee. Every employer should do this check when hiring new employees, as it provides detailed information on the candidate, such as criminal records, driver’s history, credit history, and more. Not only do they provide valuable information to the employer, but running background checks reduces costs by lowering employee turnover rates, decreasing insurance premiums, decreasing rates of theft, and decreasing the number of accidents. Employers can be held liable if they are negligent when hiring new employees, especially if an employee is in an accident or commits theft or fraud; background checks reduce risks and liability associated with negligent hiring.

Education and Employment Verifications

Without screening a new employee before hiring them, an employer may miss a discrepancy on their resume, such as a typo or exaggeration of education and employment history. Suppose a potential employee writes that they graduated from a university with a certain degree that an employer requires them to have to be hired, and it turns out they lied or exaggerated on their resume. In that case, an employer may hire someone unqualified for the role. Education and employment verifications keep your new hires honest and reduce the risk of making a bad hire.

Reference Verifications

Similar to education and employment verifications, reference verifications are equally important. A new hire may not be honest on their resume about their education and employment, but the people they list as their referrals will tell the truth about whether they would hire them again or not, which can mean all the difference between deciding whether to hire someone. A candidate may look good on paper, but what other people think of them matters the most.

Social Media Screening

Employers worldwide are hopping on the trend of social media screening; screening social media can reveal information about a potential employee that may not come up in a background check, such as racism, sexism, or profanity. Screening social media allows an employer to decide whether a candidate would be a good fit for their company. If an employee seems too controversial or hostile, they may not be an ideal addition to the team.

Staffing with ClearStar

When it comes to something as important as screening new employees, partnering with a global, proven, and reliable company can make all the difference. ClearStar offers the best staffing technology, such as mobile technology for speed-to-hire. Not only do we make hiring quick and easy with mobile solutions, but ClearStar also runs background checks and social media checks, as well as offering education, employment, and personal reference verifications. We have different packages for every employer’s staffing needs with affordable rates and exceptional turnaround times.

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