New background check rules slow hiring. Is your county next?


New background check rules slow hiring. Is your county next?

Of all places, school should be a place to feel safe.

But that wasn’t the case for students in one district in Nevada.

In just under a year, 13 employees were arrested on sexual misconduct charges in Clark County School District. As a result, the Nevada legislature passed new laws requiring schools to look deeper into an candidate’s past.

According to this article, schools are now authorized to request information about “allegations, investigations, and disciplinary measures related to sexual misconduct,” all in an effort to keep child predators out of the classroom.

The extra layers of background screening became the rule in July, said the news report, but adding that extra security has created some hiring challenges for HR.

Andre Long, the Clark County School District’s HR officer, said that the extra screening, while important, is “putting a strain” on their department and slowing down the hiring process.

It’s also important to note that this move to expand background checks in schools may not be an isolated one.

A quick Google search showed at least four states —Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio and Connecticut—making various decisions to change their school background check process in the past few months.

Part of the push for change may be happening because approaches to background screening can vary so widely between states and school districts. This USA Today series shows how flawed information sharing can allow someone who violated trust in one classroom to cross state lines and continue teaching.

So, how can you balance the need for more screening with the urgency to onboard talent? Deeper background screening is a powerful tool, but making it all happen in a timely manner can be a big load for one HR department carry.

The good news is you’re not in it alone.

Help from a professional background screening service makes a big difference. At ClearStar, we make it our goal to deliver comprehensive information on your schedule. Together, we’d make a great team. Call us today to get started!


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