Online ID Verification Needs are Booming Due to COVID-19 Workplace Changes


Online ID Verification Needs are Booming Due to COVID-19 Workplace Changes

Physical distancing regulations around the world have forced many businesses to recalibrate quickly. And while COVID-19 has relegated some businesses to irrelevance–temporarily, we hope–it’s also pushed many to begin providing virtual services instead.


The switch can be a win-win. Virtual services and storefronts maintain income for the business while keeping employees and customers coronavirus-free. The biggest drawback, though, can be the sudden need for foolproof online security protocols, especially when it comes to identification.


COVID-19 is Driving the Need for Virtual Healthcare


Most specifically, the highly contagious nature of COVID-19 has stressed many hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices with an influx of patients and forced remaining healthcare providers to work overtime in hopes of maintaining virus-free facilities. The only way many providers can continue to see patients safely is through virtual appointments via a mobile device, desktop or laptop computer.


Virtual patient appointments have become such an urgent need, that the federal government recently loosened its restrictions on virtual consults for Medicare recipients, and private insurance providers are encouraging them for as many medical concerns as possible.


Additionally, businesses in a variety of industries are still functioning, providing essential services and employing large teams on-site. And, the nature of sharing a workplace means­–even while 6’ apart and with every precaution in place–essential workers are at risk. So, many of these businesses have partnered with virtual healthcare providers for help with diagnosing COVID-19 infections at their workplaces. For these employers, a virtual medical appointment for employees during the workday needs to be as easy as student visits to the school nurse during a school day.


Mobile Solutions for Secure Virtual Services


Whether a workplace is in the business of providing the virtual healthcare or accepting it for workers, every bit of communication regarding an individual’s health–whether between patient and provider, among the provider’s staff or within the workplace–must be secure. That kind of security starts with verifiable personal identification.


From comprehensive mobile background screening like ClearID to Remote-Controlled Badging like VirtualBadge®, ClearStar offers stand-alone tools and integrated solutions for managing workforces. Ask ClearStar how our knowledge of the industry-, location-, and data-specific regulatory compliance makes our tools an especially valuable solution for healthcare industry-related security needs.


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