Putting Technology to Work for the Moving and Storage Industry


Putting Technology to Work for the Moving and Storage Industry

Every business owner knows—finding the right employees isn’t always easy.

Finding the right employees at the right time can be a challenge, too. During peak season, no business can afford to be left short-handed.

This is especially true in the moving and storage industry. As a busy summer season looms, the need for dependable drivers and laborers amps up across the country. How can these industries deal with the sharp increase in demand?

Technology offers some good options.

LaborNet is a prime example of the way technology can transform hiring. Backed by the power of ClearStar’s background screening network, LaborNet is an app designed to connect screened labor with companies seeking help.

How does it work?

The app lets companies, drivers, and workers search by city, state, or zip code. Companies and drivers can post moves, manage schedules, and rate their laborers. Moves are posted by area, and searches can be filtered by workers who have their background checks and van line certification numbers.

Laborers can manage both their profiles and their schedules with the LaborNet app. Once hired, the app helps them auto-populate a schedule with those jobs. It lets them track upcoming and completed work, as well as find and apply for jobs within their area.

The app is also integrated with ClearID, ClearStar’s screening app. ClearID turns identity verification into a mobile-friendly process, completed in minutes.

With ClearID, employers select their screening package, enter a candidate’s basic information, and capture consent. Once they take a photo of the candidate’s face and their government-issued ID, they can click submit. These five steps can offer actionable results in under five minutes.

After all, with a loaded schedule and a packed moving truck waiting, no one has any time to waste.

Are you ready to experience the advantage of time-saving technology? Let’s talk today.


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