Aspen Grove + ClearStar Case Study

ASPEN GROVE + CLEARSTAR CASE STUDY: An efficient approach to background checks

PROBLEM: The constraint of manual paper-based processes

Obtaining a background check required vendors to have a printer, scanner, and the ability to get SSA89 forms signed in a timely manner. Errors on SSA89 forms led to further delays, resulting in slow responses and miscommunications between background check companies and vendors.

SOLUTION: Transformation through digital identification

To reduce the inefficiencies and headaches created using SSA89 forms, Aspen Grove partnered with ClearStar to improve the Industry Standard Background check, enabling businesses to submit background checks within 15 minutes.

RESULTS: Improved onboarding through digital transformation

Aspen Grove’s Industry Standard Background check has delivered a significant reduction in the time it takes to submit a background check. Using ClearStar’s mobile-first approach and digital identification, National Mortgage Field Services have seen the following results:




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