Best Practices & EEOC Guidance Update

For the past two years, Les Rosen, Fred Giles, and Lew Maltby, in conjunction with ClearStar Academy, have presented a webinar called Best Practices & EEOC Guidance. It has been one of the best-attended webinars each year, and we brought it back. These best practices have the support of the EEOC, Department of Justice, and Department of Labor. Law firms and SHRM chapters are training clients and members in them. Check out this webinar for the latest from these industry leaders.

Presented By:
Lester S. Rosen, Attorney at Law – Founder & CEO, Employment Screening Resources (ESR)
Fred Giles, CPP – Carco Group, Inc.
Lewis Maltby, Attorney at Law – President of the National Workrights Institute



Click here to download this presentation.


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