How the Sausage is Made - Part 3

What actually goes into different global screening services, such as verifications, criminal records, etc., can vary a lot from country to country and sometimes even vendor to vendor. Historically, consumers of these services have taken them at face value with little diligence done on them. However, as the importance of conducting robust screens has increased, there has also been an increased desire to understand how the sausage is made…

This 4-part video series is focused on explaining what can make up different global background screening searches and why they vary. The ultimate goal is to make you an educated consumer of global background screening so that you can make informed decisions in selecting, using, and selling these services.

The goal is NOT to explore compliance issues, or tell you which services you should or should not use.

Part 3
In some countries, vendors may offer a 3rd party database check instead of searching the criminal records source directly.

Join Andy Hellman, Managing Director of International & Strategic Initiatives at ClearStar, as he discusses different “criminal” databases as well as their advantages and disadvantages.




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