Technology, Transparency, and HR in 2020


Technology, Transparency, and HR in 2020

It’s hard to believe that it was 21 years ago when the first BlackBerry handheld device hit the market. The release date was Jan. 19, 1999, and it wasn’t long before the BlackBerry turned the trusty Rolodex into a dusty reminder that old ways of doing business were being replaced by technology.


In the decades since, HR departments—being the hubs of all things people-related­—have learned to rely on technology for so many tasks beyond contact management. Everything from new hire recruiting to workplace security and from daily payroll budgeting to workforce needs forecasting is being done with the help of technology. As businesses head into the new ‘20s and technology has become ubiquitous for maintaining data on the workforce, HR departments need to be ahead of growing concerns about its use.


It’s All About Data and…


Reliance on data is nothing new, and it’s not particularly dependent upon technology. But, now that data and technology are nearly inseparable, they’ve created a new side effect. Expectations have evolved and HR departments need to be prepared to answer lots of questions about who they’re collecting data about, what data they’re collecting, and how that data is being used.


During this season of low unemployment in the U.S., HR departments need to remain aware that consumer/client/vendor/employee concerns are high when it comes to what businesses they support and why. Transparency now goes beyond claims of “Made in the U.S.A.” or low-price guarantees. When it comes to HR departments, in particular, transparency about data use and security could be key to recruiting the best candidates and retaining their loyalty.


Build Trustworthy Partnerships


Recruiting and hiring processes can be intimidating when candidates know they’re being subject to background screens and, essentially, having their entire lives examined by data systems and run as reports. HR departments can open doors to top talent­­—and keep them open—by partnering with trusted third-party services for those otherwise impersonal parts of the process like background screens. Connect with ClearStar and find out how our accreditations, certifications, and personalized services can boost your transparency and help you secure the best candidates.


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